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Downloading Dead Island!

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CroBlaq said...
  • excited
I just bought Dead Island and started downloading. :) Looks like fun, but I do hear a lot of things about it being similar to L4D..I don't mind either way, Zombies are fun, and L4D is a great game. :P

Anyway, I also got my password changed on steam and am going to keep a close eye on my bills and such...I'm kinda upset that this seems to happen with these companies so often...v.v
Dead Island

Dead Island (PC)

Genre/Style: Action/Action/RPG Adventure
Release Date: 06/SEP/11
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You know it's funny actually how every game gets compared to some other game. Morons don't understand the concept of theme, and genre, so they'll say it's just a cheap rip off before ever even trying it. Sad to say I was one of those people, but I've learned!
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